Feb. 16/17, 2016

Colleen participated in the Winter training sessions with USEF High Performance coaches David O'Connor and Silvio Mazzoni. She took Covert Rights, Escot 6 and Clever Deception.

David had Colleen and CR working on use the entire range of his stride, and coming forward from behind in the canter. Since dressage is as much about the small details as a showy stride, they  worked in the trot and halt to get the maximum points possible. With jumping coach Silvio, they worked on developing a better shape over the fences by using placing rails before and after the fences as well as walking full-sized jumps. 

With Monkey, David worked on developing straightness on the flat from the outside rein.

Colleen and Declan worked with Silvio on maintaining an even rhythm both over the fences and on the ground between jumps.